Vijaya Dashami Celebrations on 11-09-2016 Tuesday – Wish You Happy Dussehra


Vijaya Dashami Celebrations on 11-09-2016 Tuesday – Wish You Happy Dussehra

Dussehra is a very important festival for Hindus across India. Especially it is very famous at my home town (vijayawada) because the Durga temple is located in vijayawada and occupies an important place in the scriptures.

Vijaya Dashami Celebrations

Dussehara is celebrated for 10 days during those days special pujas are performed  in the temple. The  goddess kanakadurga appears in different avatars for devotees. The 10th day is vijayadasami which is the last day of the festival.

Vijaya Dashami Celebrations
Vijaya Dashami Celebrations

The nine days period is called “NAVARATRI”,in those 9 days goddesses durga appears in avatars regarding the day significance. Avatars like GOURI DEVI, BALATRIPURA DEVI, MAHALAXMI,SARASWATHI DEVI,ANNAPURNADEVI etc .Those nine days devotees from different states come to visit goddesses durga and take blessings from MATADI.

Happy Dasara Wishes to All

The priests perform puja in the morning and in the evening there was a parade of goddesses at KRISHNA NADI . The area was very beautiful with coloured lightings and the flowers decorated and there was huge rush of devotees in the evening to see such a beautiful place . Every house of vijayawada is filled with their respective relatives and celebrate the festival 

The tenth day  is VIJAYADASAMI and it is the symbolic of goddess DURGA wins over MAHISHASHURA . This is the main day of dussehara festival.This festival is the celebration of Good over Evil.

History & Type of Avatars Goddess Appear in

For Dussehara the people worship for the weapons and vehicles and the tree SHAMI.It is said that the weapons are hidden in this  SHAMI tree by pandavas. .

On the last day the goddess visits the SHAMI Tree and all the people also visits the tree and ask the elders of the family to give blessings with the leaves of shami tree.

Finally all the people across different states celebrate Dussehara with their family members happily by cooking many types of snacks and sweets.