Best Way To Answer – Why Should We Hire You ? Everybody Should Get Clarity !


Best Methods To Answer Why Should We Hire You?. Should i say it is a test to judge the confidence level of an individual or what an individual feels how he or she stand outs from other and what value he or she is going to bring to the organisation when selected. Why should we hire you? is generally the most common question that is asked in the interviews specially in HR round. Why Should We Hire You ? is the basic question. Though the question looks straight forward but its a trap and the individual may go down in completely a wrong way if the answer is not prepared well in advance. By asking this question the interviewer gives an opportunity to the individual to explain how well he fits for the job and in what way he stands out of others. The interviewer expects a well articulated, concrete and crisp reply that exhibits individuals self confidence and his understanding of the job role he will play.

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Many Of the candidates doesn’t have idea about how to answer why should we hire you. Usually, every interviewer asked this question “Why Should We Hire You?” Common, today let us discuss about this. This question is basically a challenging question to candidates. Interviewers expects the tricky answer from candidates. Actually, this is a very difficult question in interview. By this question, the interviewer checks your seriousness, self confidence and responsibility about the job.

Here are Some Tips To Answer “Why Should We Hire You?”

This question is generally asked the candidates to check, whether they apt for that particular role or not. So, while answering this question, candidates should be confident on what they are saying. And be cool with pleasant smile on face, it shows the interviewer that, you are very enthusiastically waiting to do this job. Better to give the answer about 1 minute.

Every Interviewer main aim is to hire the best employee to their organisation. Why Should We Hire You ? is the question that asks in interview. So, while answering question, the candidate should tell their unique answers, that shows your passionate on work. Better to say two to three best strong reasons with good description. Candidate please do not talk continuously and end with passionate answer, its reflects that interviewer may impresses your response. And candidates please don’t be nervous, it shows negative impression and he may doesn’t believe your response too 

Few Bad Replies to “Why Should We Hire You”

Our answer to above question will shows interest that on them, but not you. So, candidates please ignore to say selfish answers, like i want to earn money, i need this job and this location is very close to my place.  it definitely reflects negative impact about you. Your answer should be unique, and shows your knowledge and experience to indicate your value.

Prior Preparation

As this is definitely an obligatory question. So, we recommend all the students to prepare the answer in advance. Make at least 3 to 4 points about this question by listing out your skills and strong points. Note some challenging, actions and results stories of your achievements and prepare as documentation.  

Few Answers For The Question “Why Should We Hire You”

  1. As a fresher, we don’t have any experience on work. But i am waiting for a chance to prove myself. I need a good platform to show my talent and skills. So, i strongly believe this job will assist me to improve my skills.
  2. I believe that, I am having all required qualification, skills and credentials to work with you and I am hard worker as well as problem solver. So I think this is a best chance to prove my skills and ability.